Sunday, June 17, 2007

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

That's one of the songs played at the reception, and it's just stuck in my head since last night's wedding. It was a very sweet, emotional ceremony, with both the bride and groom crying heartfelt sobs while exchanging vows. If there were any dry female eyes after Gisele said her vows, that wasn't the case when Jr. finished his. It was incredibly touching seeing a man break down while communicating his feelings to the woman he loves...if only more would follow suit and prove to us girls once and for all that males really do have emotions (I know, I know, but MOST men never show them!!). Wedding ceremonies are usually always short, but this one was VERY short, with no songs played during it. I liked that, cause I hate sitting there listening to some sappy love song while the couple stands there gazing into each other's eyes. Another thing that was way different from the weddings I've attended in years past was the cake--there was only one cake, instead of "the" cake and a groom's cake, and it was chocolate with chocolate icing, and there wasn't a plastic person in site! It was delish too! After dinner was served the tables were pushed back and dancing commenced. I was one of the few who stayed in my seat watching others twist and shout. It was too hot for all that movement (the whole event took place outdoors) and besides, it was nice being a spectator. Here is the happy couple during their first dance:

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There is a shadow on Gisele's face, but that's what I get for remaining in my chair trying to get a picture. It's sad, but the only other pic I took was of the centerpiece on our table. It was 3 Mason jars, each with a candle, with ribbons tied onto the mouths, sitting on 2 squares of fabric with a few silk daisies scattered about. After it got dark the whole area was just transformed by these simple but beautiful arrangements, on every table, and I wanted to capture a little bit of that:

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I am becoming such a social misfit that it's hard for me to take pics when people know I am taking it, even if it's of people I know and love. Another one of my quirks I guess. I wanted to get pics of Jr. and Jeff, who have been friends since they were about 15. I wanted to get pics of Jr.'s mom, Karen, who is our dear friend as well, and her new husband, Earl....but that just didn't happen. Both couples (Jr. & Gisele, and Karen & Earl) have each promised to come spend a weekend with us sometime in the near future, so that is added motivation to get the guest room in order! But not today, and not this week, even, as next weekend already has it's plans made, for the most part. In the meantime, though, I bought some new "stencils" at the $1 store I am itching to try out...with the spray paint of course!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Into the Light

I have been in a dark, dark place lately, and I don't mean because I've run out of light bulbs. It's been so bad I can barely stand myself at times. Usually when I get this way--which is a lot less frequently than I used to, thank you Universe!--something will happen, something small, that will snap me out of it. Today that something was an email from a friend that I haven't known that long, Jane. She reminded me of something that I already know, and believe, but had somehow lost sight of in all the blackness that had engulfed me. She reminded me that I can change the way I think. That one little reminder ignited that little spark down deep inside me, and like any fire, it burned brighter and brighter. And as it melted those frozen parts of me, I began to think of various other beliefs I hold, like my philosophy on forgiveness and being a victim, etc. (which I don't have the energy to go into right now) and thinking about all those things have put me in a much better place tonight. So thank you Jane--thank you so much for being the messenger of that one little thing I so desperately needed.

And no, I haven't forgotten the pics of the pants:
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The swirl design in the first pic is the stencil I made. I got carried away and sprayed too much paint for it, and when I wore the pants yesterday the paint began to crack and flake off a little, so I know when I wash them quite a bit of it will come off. I scratched an area off though, and I think even if it does fade in the wash it will be ok. I thought there was too much contrast between the black paint and the beige pants, so I over-sprayed a little, and kinda let the paint nozzle drip to get some little blobs of paint here and there. I like the way they turned out, but before I wash them I'm gonna put something on the back side. It looks funny because the front is decorated and the back is naked.

This weekend we are off to Tennessee for a wedding, so this will be my last post for a few days. Tonight I am thankful for ALL the friends I have who help me through this crazy life. Thank you--Thank you--Thank you!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cryin' in the rain

That's what I did...but let me start from the was an awful day from the start because I was in pain from the moment I stepped out of bed....hell, from the moment I reached to turn the alarm off. I have no idea what's going on with my back, but that's another story. Work is never pleasant, simply because I am in close proximity to people who drive me nuts on a good day, and who I fantasize about running over with a truck on bad ones. So that combined with the pain made for one helluva Monday. BUT THEN....I pull into the driveway at home right in front of my hubby. I am getting groceries out of the car as he gets the mail, and we walk in together....he says "you've got 2 things here", referring to the mail. One glance at the envelopes and I know exactly what they are. So I hurriedly put the groceries away, make myself a STIFF vodka & cran juice, and take my drink and my mail to my favorite chair. The smaller envelope is from Jane--the prize I won in her random blog drawing. It a package of various handmade papers, included some she "rusted", and a little pouch that looks to be made out of sisal. It is adorable and the papers are FAB! Thanks Jane!!! Then onto the bigger envelope, which is Gina Armfield's new zine, Artful Purpose. It is the very first issue and is dedicated to art journaling. There are tons of ideas and tips, and also interviews with several artists, including Nina! Well you know I loved that, since I love Nina! Gina also included other goodies with the mag--an alphabet stencil, an altered tag, a moo card, some joss paper, and some tabs. Check out her blog if you are interested in getting this mag, if there are any left, or a future mag if she does anymore. So by that time I was feeling much better, and to top things off it had started to storm....just some mild thunder and a few flashes of lightening, but since I love storms, I wanted to be closer. So I went out on the deck, where it was just sprinking rain, and sat down in my adirondack chair. It was so relaxing, just sitting there hearing the storm, with rain falling on my legs (my upper body was protected since it was under an overhang on the house). Then I started to cry. I am a real big cryer if I let myself get started, so I really try to keep the crying to a minimum. During a cry my eyes always swell up, and my sinuses start pitching a fit and I feel like shit later, so I would rather just avoid all that by not crying. But tonight it was like I was making up for lost time, because the stronger the storm got the harder and louder I cried. I was thinking about reading the magazine, with all the stories and tidbits about artists who are following their dreams and doing what they love, and then there's me, going to a job every day that I can barely tolerate. I have hopes and dreams, but don't have a clue how to make them happen. Why can't I be doing something I love, something I look forward to, instead of waking up with dread every day. Yea, I was having one big pity party. I sat there and cried for about 20 minutes, and then realized my jeans were soaked and I was shivering, so I reluctantly came inside and went up to change clothes. I cried a little more before I got it all out of my system, and then I was ok. I had read something in Gina's mag about how to use an existing book as a journal by ripping the guts out of it and going from there, so I got involved in doing that and felt back to normal. I did spray paint those pants yesterday, and I will post pics tomorrow, hopefully. I like them but don't know how they will hold up in the wash, because I think I used too much paint, but I am gonna wear them tomorrow, which hopefully will be a better, it WILL BE a better day!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I finally did some spray painting! I sprayed 3 sheets of regular printer paper because I didn't want to mess up my card stock till I learned the ropes. The biggest thing I learned is how the force of the paint coming out of the can can move the stencil around. As a result I now have a partial spray paint manicure. Next time I plan to have something, like a wooden skewer maybe, to help hold stuff down and also to wear rubber gloves. I kept worrying about the camera because I would get carried away spraying and then think OMG where is the camera? Luckily I managed to keep paint off it. Two cool stencils I used were made of fabric--a piece of lace and a piece of mesh-like fabric. Here is how the lace looks:
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I stopped after 3 pieces because my table was in the sun and my shirt was getting wet from sweat, but I left everything out so when the deck is out of the sun later this afternoon I can paint some more. I am finished with the stencil I made to use on my pants, it is drying as we speak (I had to glue 2 stencil blanks together because it's so big). I may even try that this afternoon.....!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Evening storms.....

...I absolutely love them. Last night I sat at the open sliding glass doors till it rained so hard it started splattering in on me and the cats. Tonight I practically hung out my craft room window watching the lightening and feeling the wind as it blowed the trees in my backyard around. Storms just mesmerize me, and help me connect with something deep inside me, which is exactly what I need right now. Something else I sorely needed was the amazing massage I got earlier this evening. My back still isn't well, but after that it is tons better. I have been going to the same massage therapist, Steve, off and on for about 4 years now, and he does amazing work. He pampers me and gives me exactly the kind of massage I want...deep tissue here, soft touch there.....lights low so I can zone out, hot stones on my spine....YUM. I go once a month, and I wish I could go every 2 weeks. Besides relaxing me, it makes me feel more in touch with my body, making me feel more present in it, somehow. If you don't get regular massages, start immediately. Find a therapist you are 100% comfortable with who will give you the kind of massage you want, not just a cookie cutter treatment everyone gets. You will be amazed at the difference you feel, both physically and mentally. Tomorrow night is book group, and of course I am looking forward to that. This month we are discussing "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls--a very interesting book that should make for some interesting discussions.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I won!

Every month Jane at Random Arts picks a name from all those who left a comment on her blog the previous month and sends them a surprise, and my name was picked for June! I can't wait to get my surprise, cause anything from Random Arts will be way cool! Thanks so much Jane!! I have been meaning to take a day and drive over to visit, but now I'm thinking I should make it an overnight trip to make it easier on myself. And speaking of myself, my back is at it again! I woke up with it hurting a little yesterday, and as the day wore on it only got worse. I took pain pills and big glasses of wine to try to get relief last night and while it eased off some, it didn't go away. This morning was OMG!!! pain...I think this is the worst it's ever been. I took a muscle relaxer and 3 ibus, and am sitting here with the heating pad on it. So needless to say there will be no spray painting today. Besides, we're getting much needed rain here today (thank you Universe!) so I couldn't spray paint if I was able. So I am going to work on my naked collage sheets...LOL. I did go to Sadies yesterday and got some soap and jojoba oil. I love that shop! I was gonna take my camera and get a pic inside the shop because the soaps are just beautiful but I forgot it, so I took a pic of the soaps that came home with me (though not a very good one) :
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From left to right is Lemon Tea Tree Sage, Rise N Shine (with peppermint), and Rosemary Zinger. They all smell FAB!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

June 2nd

I've got some fog in my brain today and didn't want to think about a title for this post....LOL. Hard to believe it's June already. Being a cold weather kinda gal, Summer is my least favorite time of year and I am already dreading the smoldering days ahead. I've been trying to stop that--dreading things--and just deal with life on a day-to-day basis. It sure makes things easier when I manage to do that, but like anything it's taking some practice to learn a new habit. Artistically (is that a word?), I plan on trying my hand at some of the spray painting techniques like those published in Somerset Studio by Michelle Ward and Lisa Hoffman (check out their blogs via the links on the left). I am so good at buying all the necessary things to do a project, but when it actually comes to doing it, that's another story. I have a pair of capri pants that I love that got bleach on them, and my plan is to spraypaint a design over that spot. The main thing standing in my way is the stencil I want to use, because I have to make it since I can't find the design I want to use. I have it drawn out on paper, now it's just a matter of tracing it onto the stencil blank and cutting it out. If I play with the paints I will post a pic. I have also been gearing up to make some ATCs. I am so into vintage nudes, and I purchased a 3 cd set of pics off Ebay...30,000 images!!! So I am in the process of compiling my own collage sheets with my favorite images and going from there. I also found a book at Goodwill, called "Charm", copyright 1964, that has all kinds of tips for ladies ranging from how to assemble the proper wardrobe to how to keep those pesky emotions in check at the office. It's a hoot to say the least, and I'm gonna head over to the new FedEx Kinkos near my house to make some copies to use in my naughty ATCs.

The Eve of 51

Just writing the title made me burst into tears.  Not for growing older...I'm thankful for every day in this lifetime.  Not for physical...