dreaming big

The house we bought spontaneously at an auction in the fall of 2012 has an apartment upstairs: one bedroom, a full bath, living room, kitchen, and bonus room, with its own entrance.  I have decided to go for my dream and turn this apartment into a shop! 
Not an open-every-day shop, but what I hope will become an open-once-a-month-event-to-look-forward-to kind of shop.  It will be filled with an eclectic mix of items: re-imagined vintage finds, decorative accessories, prints and paintings, handmade accessories, and (time permitting) my altered clothing.  I am overflowing with ideas.  I go from being super excited one minute to overwhelmed  the next.  But every cell in my body is screaming "do it!!  you've got to do it!!"  So I'm doing it!
My plan is to have my first sale in either October or November.  I know that sounds like a long time away, but in order to fill the space, I will need the next few months to get stuff made...while simultaneously working my full time job.  I may invite fellow creatives to sell their wares in the shop, depending on how the space comes together, how many things I get made, etc., so if you are interested in participating, please let me know.

The name of the shop will be the same as the name we're using for our antique booths.  Most everything we make has components that have already lived one life, and we give them a whole new life, so to me, the name is perfect.
 art + vintage

Thank you so much for being interested enough to read this!  I sincerely hope you will come along with me on this new adventure and see where it leads.  I need all the positive energy, good vibes, and support I can get, so please like my page on Facebook and invite your friends to like it as well.:

  Like I always say....
the possibilities are endless!! 


Laurie O'Neill said…
Wow! Best of luck in this exciting new phase for you! I'll be watching from the bleachers...
Anonymous said…
Proud. great that you are following your dreams. I know it will be a hit
Sharon Pratt said…
I am so excited for you! Leave room up there for creativity classes, okay? Proud of you!
Chandra said…
Thanks guys!! Appreciate you!

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