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Blue Monday

I found this image on Flickr ( and I hope the person it belongs to wont mind me using it here. It goes along so perfectly with how I have been feeling lately....sad, parched, lonely, frustrated, jealous, and yes, heartbroken. There are lots of things causing all these feelings to surface, but the two most recent have pushed me over the edge. One friend, who after this post I will not be using that word to refer to him again, is not being honest with me about some things, and I just don't understand it. I have known for quite a while now that we really weren't friends, that it was all one-sided anyway, and this current situation is just the confirmation i needed to know once and for all that this is really the case. Reality bites. And today another friend called to tell me that he is moving away at the end of October, and while I am happy for him if this is what he wants, it makes me sad that he wont be working just ar…

For the love of Earth

I've been thinking a lot about the crisis our dear planet Earth is facing, and have been a little depressed about it. And then I get angry because I encounter people every day who seem to not even give a damn. So I've been on a soapbox at work about using disposable items when reusable items could be used instead. I am often the one who restocks our office breakroom supplies, and I announced that I will not bring another styrofoam cup onto the premises. The next day I brought, from my own kitchen cabinets, a coffee mug for the one other coffee drinker in our office to use. I sat it on his desk and told him I brought it for his use so he wont be contributing to the local landfill. He laughed, a really smart-ass laugh, and said I would die if I saw the amount his family contributes to the landfill. That only pissed me off, and I told him he was obviously a Republican since he has no regard for the environment...I know that was a little unfair because I suppose there are s…