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Farewell '07

Are you like me in that turning the calendar from one year to the next makes you feel sad and happy all at the same time? Melancholy mixed with excitement, remembering all the things that happened that will never happen in quite the same way, if at all, again...while looking ahead and wondering about the new experiences waiting for us just around the corner. I will remember 2007 as a good year...a year I continued my journey with eyes that are a little more open. A year I got to know myself a little better, and came to the realization that I like the person looking at me in the mirror, I really do! It was a year I delved deeper into my spirituality, and my art...which really aren't two separate things at all. I made several new friends this year, but ended others. And still other friendships were deepened...layers were peeled back that showed me glimpses of what lies beneath, allowing greater understanding and greater respect and yes, greater love for the spirit housed in th…