Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's only Saturday night but it's already been a super-fun weekend. I'm alone this weekend since JT went on an unplanned-for fishing trip with the guys, but that's ok because me and solitude are good friends. Last night I left from work and went straight to a thrift store where, much to my delight, it was 50% off day. There is nothing more fun to me than finding treasures and getting them cheaply, so today I hit another store and came home with another big bag full...among the things I scored are a skirt, a pair of cropped pants, a book written in what I think is Chinese (oh the backgrounds to be made with this beauty!!), and 3 old wooden cigar boxes. On my way to the thrift store Friday afternoon I got a frantic call from the owner of one of the shops (Eclectic by Nature) that sells my pendants, saying she had sold all the witch hat pendants but one and would love to have some more ASAP. So I obliged and delivered them today. I am so thrilled that people like them...I just can't put into words the feeling I get when others like my work. And speaking of the pendants, they are also now being sold in a local gallery, The Fat Cat, Ltd. The next two pics show what I delivered there earlier this week, along with a couple of witch hats.

Now I am off to clean up the studio a bit....I am in a funky-clothes-altering mood and I have to clean up in order to get to that tub of fabric in the corner...