Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun-filled week

Whew! It's Thursday already! This week has flown by. Tuesday night out with friends to celebrate hubby's birthday was a fabulous time. There were 10 of us all together and we were definitely the loudest table in the restaurant. Last night at my book group meeting was another great time. The discussions are so interesting there that it never fails to amaze me. And tomorrow at 2 pm I leave work early to head to Hampton VA for Art & Soul!!!! I am packed except for the things I will need in the morning, and that sure is a good feeling. I am a little bit nervous about traveling alone because I am terrible at finding my way. I am also nervous about how I am going to interact with everyone, because I am very moody and when I am in certain moods I tend to shut down and shut people out. I want to be in the mood I am in today--very bubbly, very talkative, and very positive. I will be so excited over just being there that I probably wont have anything to worry about. This is a big step for me as far as getting outside my norm and doing something I've never done before, because I've never been to an art retreat, and I've never taken a road trip of this distance to an unknown area by myself. I will be wearing the big girl panties tomorrow for sure! I get home late Monday night, so my next post will most likely be Tuesday night. I will try to take lots of pictures and give a full report. I can't wait to meet Nina Bagley!!

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random notes said...

Thanks again for the earrings. Love them much. My blog is linking to yours with my latest post. Get going girl and get an update from the show. I want to know your feelings about the whole artandsoul weekend.

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