Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gratitude Overflowing

One of the reasons I don't blog very often is due to the time it takes to upload pics to go along with the post. Blog entries are so much more fulfilling and interesting to readers if there is some visual candy for them as well, so I have tried to keep things interesting and add pics. I've been giving this a lot of thought though, and have concluded that writing in this blog is as much, if not more, for me than for any readers who stop by. Writing is so therapeutic for me...if I have something on my mind or in my heart, it is a tremendous help for me to get it out by writing it. I have a word document at work that I open from time to time and just type sentences, or paragraphs, or sometimes even just words...when I give my feelings an outlet, it soothes me. This is not only true of sad or troubling emotions, but joyful ones as well. I have to get them out, they have to released. So I have decided to post more often, and not be concerned with whether or not I have an interesting pic to share. That's not to say I wont ever share a pic because I will, but I wanted to let my little handful of readers know that there wont be a pic with every entry. Ok, now that the "business" has been discussed, on to the reason for this post. Gratitude--oh, I am feeling so much gratitude this morning! Those of you who know me know that I live for the weekends to sleep late...I love-love-love to sleep in. But today, this chilly Saturday morning, I didn't sleep as late as usual. It's only 10 AM as I write this, and I've already had 2 cups of coffee and am about to start on my homework! But oh yea, back to gratitude. I know I am blessed for many reasons, but the source of this feeling today is my wonderful, amazing friends!! Last night I had dinner with a new friend, who I already feel like i've known forever (hi Emanuel!). This morning I have spoken to Mia on the phone, and have recieved emails from Kathy and Louie, and sent an email to Ellen....and I am just bursting with the joy that having these oh-so-precious friends bring me. And it doesn't stop there--there are many more of you, and you know who you are!--friends that I love just as dearly, but this is just a sampling of those I've communicated with today. So let me say THANK YOU to all of my friends, near and far, who bring so much joy to this lifetime, and who also help me through the times when joy seems to be at a minimum. Namaste!

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