Thursday, January 17, 2008

a poem and a plea

First, the plea....see the badge over to the left with the cute poochie on it? It is for A Place to incredible organization that saves animals, and they are in a competition to win some much-needed money. You can find out more about that by clicking on the links in the box, but what it amounts to is if they finish the competition in one of the top 4 places, they get an additional donation of $50K!! The minimum amount you can donate is $10, but the contest counts the number of donations, NOT the amount of money raised, so please wont you give $10?? Pretty please with sugar on top?? And now the poem...what can I say... inspiration hit, ya know?

Bold-Faced Type

I can’t keep the smile from
forming when I click the icon
and it’s sitting there, a few messages
from the top. Seemingly unread to
the casual observer but thanks to preview
mode I know every word you wrote.
It matters not that it was sent hours ago
or that a little voice inside my head whispers
“how silly you are”. The joy emanating
from my heart when I see it – traveling
through me like really good hot chocolate
on a cold day - that’s what matters.
Feeling connected to you in some small
way is what matters. All this from
your name staring boldly back at me
from my inbox.

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