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Thanks and giving

I want to help spread the word about an opportunity to give just a little and make a huge difference. Please hop over to Kelly Rae Roberts' blog and read about the family in need of assistance, and find the donation link at the bottom of her post. Kelly Rae is giving away a piece of artwork to one lucky donor too, so there's even more incentive for ya! What a truly wonderful way, on so many levels, to start the Thanksgiving holiday!
Warm wishes to you and yours...xxo

how time flies

The weeks and months are whirling by at an unbelievable pace for me...does it feel like that to you too? It seemed the election would never get here, and now it's done and over with (and I am extremely happy with our president-elect!). Those holidays I could do without are just around the corner but at least I have some travel to look forward to so it wont be so bad. Some of my fellow book group members are calling me "bah-humbug" because I refuse to read a Christmas book this year. I did it last year just because it was short and someone offered to let me borrow theirs and I was trying to be nice, but I didn't enjoy it and will not be participating this year. I know there are others out there like me, who do not enjoy the holidays and don't see what all the fuss is about. Well we need to stick together, so if you feel the same way I do about the holidays email me or leave a comment, and while you're at it click on the new button over on the left and fol…