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merry and bright

I wish love and light to all of you, but especially to those who, like me, don't especially care for the holiday season. So to my kindred spirits I say hang in there; in a few days it will be behind us. In the meantime try to stay centered, and focus on what's important to YOU, and not what others may have you believe is important. Wrap yourself in a soft fuzzy blanket of kindness, and know that you are loved. Namaste!

my kinda sunday

My Sunday morning routine has been on hold for a couple of weeks due to the new wood flooring installation, which, I am happy to report, has been completed. So today I was able to fall back into my normal habit of having breakfast and lots of coffee while snuggled into my favorite chair for a couple of hours with the sunday paper. I also listed some new pendants in the shop, got a custom order of 5 pendants almost completed, and puttered around the house a bit. I took frequent breaks to snuggle with the cats, or get something to eat or drink, and of course I spent a fair amount of time on Etsy and reading Post Secret. I love these oh-so-rare days that I get to stay home in my pjs; no getting dressed, no makeup, no worries...mmmmmmmm. It felt good to take it easy after the disaster that was Friday, aka the holiday show. I don't want to give it enough thought to write about it, but I will tell you about a good thing that came from it....I met Shannon of Helicopter Studios! Sh…

sharing song

This song by Anna Nalick helps me remember that all I truly have to do from one moment to the next is breathe...helps me keep it real on a lot of levels. Check out LK Ludwig's blog to get all the details on the song sharing.