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embracing change

Tomorrow morning I check in at a local hospital to have lap band surgery.  I have been working toward this day since August when I took the first step and attended a seminar about the different options in weight loss surgery.

It's been a very emotional journey, and that's one reason I haven't written about it here...I just wasn't ready to share.  The other reason is I wanted to make sure it was really going to happen; that none of the tests I had to undergo uncovered anything to prevent me from getting it, or the insurance was really going to pay (it is!).  I've had days of crying, and I even cried the entire two hours of my weight loss training class.  But though it was an emotional decision, and the road to the thinner me isn't going to be easy, I am 100% committed to this.  I am borderline diabetic, and I don't want to cross that line.  I want to lessen the load my bones are carrying around in hopes that my back pain becomes more manageable.  I want to …

“Well, you don't know what we can find….

Why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carpet ride?”

Please come along to discover new places, new things, and new friends as we climb onto that magic carpet that flies by once a year to whisk us off on a world-wide blog tour! This is my second time participating in this event and I absolutely love the reasons behind it, the camaraderie, the discovering of new blogs…oh, and yes, the giveaways too!! I would like to thank Lisa, the creator of this event, so very much for her brilliant heart and mind, and also for the time it takes to coordinate/manage/pull-off such a thing. Click on the picture above to go to her blog and read all about the origins of OWOH and to see a list of the participating blogs…today is the first day and already the list is staggering!!

Ok, on to the giveaway! I have been in full-on Valentine’s mode getting the local shops stocked with my jewelry, so the piece up for grabs is along those same lines but is neutral enough that it can be worn anytime…