Sunday, January 31, 2010

embracing change

Tomorrow morning I check in at a local hospital to have lap band surgery.  I have been working toward this day since August when I took the first step and attended a seminar about the different options in weight loss surgery.

It's been a very emotional journey, and that's one reason I haven't written about it here...I just wasn't ready to share.  The other reason is I wanted to make sure it was really going to happen; that none of the tests I had to undergo uncovered anything to prevent me from getting it, or the insurance was really going to pay (it is!).  I've had days of crying, and I even cried the entire two hours of my weight loss training class.  But though it was an emotional decision, and the road to the thinner me isn't going to be easy, I am 100% committed to this.  I am borderline diabetic, and I don't want to cross that line.  I want to lessen the load my bones are carrying around in hopes that my back pain becomes more manageable.  I want to have energy to bring all the ideas in my head to fruition, and I want to fit comfortably in an airplane seat.  Getting all that is well worth giving up eating as I've known it for most of my lifetime.

I will learn to eat all over again, and make giving my body the nutrition it needs a priority.  I plan to post here as a way of keeping a diary of my emotions, my weight loss, the foods I'm eating, and anything else I find interesting.   I may even post some pics of myself along the way...I'll have to give that more thought!

If you would like more information on the lap band, click here.  Thank you for stopping by!


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