Friday, September 8, 2017

And then it was Friday

I can't say that my mood has improved much, but Friday does bring a little more lightness to my being.  And I wore Jane today!  I discussed previously that once she was finished, there was just too much fabric.  So I cut the sides down and sewed the seams.  Twice.  She was still just too much, so I gave her a half circle hem (not sure at all if that's even a thing), so that at least more of my legs show.                                                      Here she was before the butchering:

And here she is now:

And here she is on me!

Still too much fabric, but she is a happy little frock, and very comfy.  
Here's hoping the hurricane winds and rains diminish, the wild fires will go out, and that each of us remember this:  Be kind to everyone, because ya never know what they are going through.  

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