Monday, September 4, 2017

Jane is in the house! Well, sorta....

If you're wondering who Jane is, see previous post.
Well, I finished her.  No, I don't seem very excited, because I'm not.  I sewed for about 6 hours today. I tried her on and she's adorable, but it's just too much fabric on my body.  Here's the convo I had with hubby:

ME: (Modeling Jane) So what do you think?
HIM: (Looks at me more than a little weirdly) I dunno, what do you think?  (Which is code for "How stupid do you think I am")
M: I think it's way too much fabric, and makes me look like a barn
H: Yes, I agree. It makes you look pregnant.  It looks weird the way it comes off your boobs too.
M: Well, it's supposed to look that way, it's a babydoll waist (which may or may not be a real thing, but it's what popped in my head, and it's not like he knows the difference anyway)  Maybe I'll cut some of the sides off, so there isn't so much fabric.
H: Yea
M: Or maybe I'll just leave it as-is, and it will be a Sunday Artsy Dress. (He knows I sometimes like to dress weirdly when I'm in a creative mood.  Yes, more weirdly than I dress on any given day)
H: Hmmmm

So, I think I'll put a basting stitch where I think the new seam should be, and see how I like it before I cut anything off.  Perhaps I can alter it to where I look less like a barn in it, and more like...I dunno...a storage shed?
But there are some things about it I'm really pleased with! Like the way I was able to line up all the seams perfectly!  No, that doesn't happen for me all the time.  No, it doesn't bother me when it doesn't happen, but when it does, fuck yeah!!

Since there's a ton of fabric in her, there was a ton of gathers.  They aren't perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out:

And isn't that fabric too cute?!?  Ok, I'm outta here, I have seams and decisions to make.  

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