Thursday, May 10, 2007

A disappointing day

Oh, where do I begin? I woke up feeling good and looking forward to the day. I was to meet my friend Imran for lunch and my friend Debbie later tonight at the Barnes & Noble cafe to hang out and catch up. Then I learn from hubby that he thinks our air conditioning unit isn't blowing out cool air as it should, but he's got too much on his plate right now so can I deal with it? He started a new job on Monday...more on that later. So of course I say I will take care of it. I called the heat & air place first thing, and they have a guy in the area who can come to my house late morning, and will call me when he's on his way so I can leave work and meet him. My boss had a meeting today at 1:00, so I knew I had to be back at work by then, because there are only 3 of us in the office and the other person went home sick. That means meeting the heat & air person is going to be my lunchtime. They called at 11:00 to say the guy is on his way. On my way home Imran called to finalize our lunch plans, so I told him what was going on and we decided that it would take him at least 30 minutes to get to me, so it would be better to reschedule. So that was disappointment #1. Now, about hubby's new's a great opportunity for him, but the company is in a transition stage, so long hours are going to be required for the forseeable future. I understand that and I accept that. What I can't accept is going all day without getting so much as an email from him, let alone a phone call. He told me this morning he would call if he could, but I didn't think about him not being able to. I knew he was working with someone today to learn more about things, but didn't he take a lunch break? Didn't the guy he was working with go pee at some point? So all day, no word from him at all. Not even to check progress on the condition of the air conditioner, which is fine by the way. I am hurt deeply by this. Disappointment # 2. So after work I come home and freshen up, then go to Target for new filters for the AC unit, then to B&N to meet Deb. Although that was the highlight of my day, it was also disaappointment # 3. Without broadcasting too much of Deb's business on the WWW, I will say she is having some health issues. And today she looked so tired and worn out that it made my heart ache. So we didn't get to spend much time together, and that, combined with seeing her so fatigued, was a real bummer. I love her so much and I want to do something, anything, to help in some way, but I don't know what to do. I feel so helpless. So I came home. Meanwhile hubby had tried to get me 3 times on my cell....well, would you have answered?? I sure as hell didn't!! So we had words when I got home, and now here I am writing this while wiping away tears. Oh, I'll be ok. Check out these pics of more fabric collages from Leslie Riley's class. I’m gonna go have a beer mug full of wine…..

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BookGirl said...

Chandra, it was good to see you at A&S -- sorry we couldn't spend some time together. I got to your blog through Jane Powell's site -- check out her blog at We both got a mention. She's a delight, as is her husband, Paul. If you decide to head to Saluda for a class, let me know, as I regularly take classes there. I had a great experience at A&S too, and look forward to another one.


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