Thursday, May 17, 2007

I scored!

I know a lot of you reading this can relate....I was driving through the neighborhood on my way home for lunch and noticed a big pile of stuff by the curb that someone had put out for the garbage collectors. I always slow down to take in these heaps of potential to see if there is something I need to rescue. Today nothing jumped out at me, but there was a door with a ripped screen in it standing up by the garbage can. I continued on home but it dawned on me that I could cut the screen out of it's frame easily with my exacto knife and just leave the frame there to be picked up, and that's exactly what I did! What a rush! The screen has tons of potential uses, I got it free, and I kept a little something from going to the landfill! YEAH! Here are some pics of what I discovered on my deck this past Saturday. Click on the images to make them bigger. I told Mr. Snake he could live peacefully under my deck if he didn't harm the far he has kept his end of the deal.

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random notes said...

Chandra, Keep a close eye on that snake since they like baby birds in a much different way than we do.
Don't get down about your creativity... every day is a new day. If it doesnt work a certain way today it will be better tomorrow. Just remember that it's all about YOUR
design and YOUR ideas, not someone else. Bring it out girl. You can do it. I know about the sleeplessness. Yuck. Ruins the whole day. Today is the beginning of your weekend. Finally it's here. Go for it!!!!
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