Monday, July 2, 2007

Big Love

Man, where has the time gone!!!??? The good thing about it going so fast is getting past some of the hot weather we've been having. If I could jump straight to September I think I would. I've had so much going on, and the best news is my "dark" state of mind is behind me, and my back hasn't felt this good since I don't remember when. Don't know what to attribute that to, because the main thing that's changed is my attitude....yea, I definitely think there's a connection!! We bought a sleep number bed but it is only being delivered tomorrow, so I may feel even better in a couple of days. And speaking of tomorrow, it's my anniversary! Twelve years married to hubby Jeff, and we dated/lived together a year before that, so we've been together thirteen years. We're going out to our fav place to eat, and who knows what else we'll get into...we will have a new bed, ya know! Over the weekend we moved furniture around, turning the guest room back into only a guest room, and moving my computer into my craft room. This took away some of the stroage space in my craft room, so I promtly installed a tier of wall shelves, and am now faced with having to organize yet again. It's a labor of love though, there's no other room of the house I'd rather spend time in. I'm still madly in love with spraypainting, and plan to do more of that Wednesday when I'm off work. I also made a cool necklace that I will post pics of soon. Now I'm off to watch one of the two TV shows I'm watching right now(the name of this post!). Ciao!

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patty van dorin said...

Can't wait to see your necklace and please share your spray painting adventures.
Love the kitty pictures

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