Monday, July 16, 2007

The necklace

At long last here are a couple of pics of the necklace I made a few weeks ago. I tried to do a Nina knot to attach the key, and again on either side of the glass rondelles between the lengths of chain....doesn't look too bad, especially considering I haven't been able to learn from the master yet and just did my own interpretation. Click on the pics for a better look. Somehow I ended up with my maternal Grandmother's old foot-peddle sewing machine, the kind that has it's own base, and the top lifts up and you pull the machine out, etc. There are drawers in the base, and in one of those drawers I found two old keys, one of which ended up on this necklace. My Grandmother died before I was even born, so I never got to know her, and I don't have a clue what the key could have been to. But regardless of what the key opened up, it's fun having a piece of family history incorporated into something I can wear and tell people about if they happen to ask.

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Larry Lehmer said...

What a cool idea: Creating a new family heirloom out of the past. I like it. I think I'll share it with some of my family history clients. Thanks for the inspiration.

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