macro puss

This little cutie keeps watch over me while I'm soldering and making a mess at my art table..... I have been surrounded by funny smart beautiful goddesses both in real life and virtual life. I had the most fun night out with the girls I've had in ages...thanks Carmella and Tina!!

And I am thrilled beyond words to be a part of this new web space that suzi blu put together! Over to the left, underneath my Etsy shop announcement, is a link to this place I am talking must check it out! I've never been too into those "social" websites, and haveing long lists of friends, etc., but these are all fellow art goddessess, my people for god's sake!! I am loving it and can't wait to learn more about these women, and share with them, and create with's f#@kin' fabulous!

Oh, and I added a couple of pendants to the shop just a minute ago....


pattie said…
Love these!! They are so COOL!!!

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