Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Last night I dreamed of several old friends, most of whom I haven’t been in touch with for years. In my dream they all came to visit me as a group, but in reality they don’t know each other, some of them even live in different states. Some were doing well, some were not, and some were going through the same ole shit. I’ve never been good at dissecting my dreams and figuring out what my higher/inner self is trying to communicate through them, but I do believe dreams are a big part of ourselves, and that we would learn a lot if we paid more attention to them, so I try to do that. It has definitely been a week in which friends have been at the center of my life, which isn’t always the case with me since I tend to be a more solitary soul. And just last evening was my monthly book group meeting. I so enjoy those ladies and their humor & wisdom…I love the feeling I’m left with by just being in the company of other women…it’s a feeling hard to explain, but I’m sure a lot of you know what I mean…most every month I leave them carrying this collective energy with me, and I deeply appreciate it. So I know my dream about friends was for a reason, had some sort of message for me….maybe that I need to make more time for friends…that I need to be more social, even when it’s my nature not to be? I’m sure I’ll keep mulling it over, because that is also my nature, so maybe more insight will come later. Meanwhile I’m off to order the next book, but I do highly recommend the book I just finished, The Devil in the White City …..a truly amazing read….check it out.

Oh, and that pendant is about to be listed in the is a custom order with your year, your colors, in your choice of chunky square or chunky round...or plain square glass, or 1.5" beveled square's that for choices? If you want one, email me or leave a comment if you don't want to visit the shop...$18 plus $2.50 shipping...Paypal only. Happy Friday tomorrow!!

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