what a difference a day makes

Did you ever have words inside you that had to get out? i mean HAD TO GET OUT? I was just in the midst of finishing up this pendant, thinking about this amazing day, listening to my just-arrived-from-Amazon Anna Nalick cd, which I highly recommend, by the way, when I had to stop soldering and start writing. For quite a while now I've been paying close attention to my intuition, higher self, subconscious mind...whatever word you choose to use...and today it's telling me, screaming at me, to pay attention, remember this day and the events that occurred to cause the moments in time to come together just as they did. I wont go into details, but an over-crowded chiropractic office, my decision to not sit and wait, but to come home for a while instead, and go back later....how 5 minutes made all the difference in the world, though I still don't understand exactly what kind of difference, but I know it did...all the little parts that made up the whole of this afternoon is nothing short of amazing. Most of this may not make a lot of sense, but if you've every had this kind of synchronicity happen to you, you know exactly what I mean...I guess more than anything I wanted to write this so that I will have a record of this day, the day i met my new neighbors, the day i made a new friend...


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