Sunday, January 11, 2009

meet the girls

These are from my new pendant series, “The Girls”, celebrating being a woman. The series acknowledges the deep emotions we females are privileged to feel, along with our strength, courage, power and wisdom. My wish is that every woman will truly believe in her value, be filled with genuine self-love, and be empowered to live her dreams. I hope these pendants serve as a reminder of all we are and all we can be.

Click on these pics for a larger view (I apologize for the glare!):

These will be available in my Etsy shop by mid-week but as always, you can email me to order before they are available there -- $20 each, free shipping, customization available. Additional girls in the series will debut in about two weeks.

Have a great week!

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The Eve of 51

Just writing the title made me burst into tears.  Not for growing older...I'm thankful for every day in this lifetime.  Not for physical...