shootin' the moon

This picture was taken in Asheville NC in December….isn’t it gorgeous? I just couldn’t stop gazing at it that night, and must have taken about 15 shots. We toured Biltmore house the next day and that evening at dinner I commented that the moon the night before beat anything I had seen at Biltmore.

I want to share something I have been inspired to do that I am really excited about! I was reading this blog the other day, and Cynthia mentioned that one of her goals for the year is to write to a friend or family member every week. Write--not email, or text, or any other electronic communication--on actual paper and send it via US mail. Then that same evening I received from a very dear friend—in the mail!—a couple of torn pages from a magazine, an article she had read that reminded her of me. She has scribbled that right on the outside of the envy, along with another sentence, but there were no other contents besides the torn-out article. That small act tickled me so much…I thought of it all through the evening, and it made me think of Cynthia’s blog entry. Receiving this simple piece of mail made me feel so very special and loved, and I wanted to make others feel that way. So I decided to send something to one friend every week this year. It may be a notecard, or a postcard, or something else, such as what Deb sent me, but I will send something each and every week! I am making a list of all those who I would like to surprise throughout the year, and am going to pre-print my labels so that I just have to scribble and send ( I am a Virgo, so list-making must be a part of everything ya know!). This weekend I am making some postcards to have on hand, and will officially start the mailings next week. I detest rules, so the only rule I have is I must mail one thing to one friend per week. I can mail more than one if I want to, and I can mail something to the same friend two weeks in a row if I am moved to do so. TOO FUN! What if lots of people started doing this and tons of sweet thoughts and wishes and hellos were delivered every week? Yea, why don't you do it too??!! Believe me, I do not have a lot of time to spare, but I've thought this through, and a little organization on the front end will keep it easy and fun, so if I have time, so do you. But if you decide it isn't your thing,(and are reading this and do not know me personally) but would like a little USPS surprise at some point during the year, tell me and I will add you to my list. My email link is right up top on the left.

I'll leave you with one more shot of that mesmerizing moon...


Kathy said…
Such a beautiful moon. I live in North Carolina (not near the beautiful Biltmore house though).

I love the idea of mailing -- real mail. I think nothing makes someone's day better than real mail.
jonaks said…
that is really a beautiful moon. I love to get happy mails. the excitement of opening the envelope, getting a card or note card just always make me smile.

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