overflowing love

I am blown away not only from the number of comments on the last post, but also from the kindness you guys have shown me. THANK YOU so much! I am going to try to either visit your blogs or reply to your comments, but it will take me a while. So if you don't receive a reply soon, don't think I have neglected you because that is not the case. I appreciate each of you and each word you write so very very much!
This heart is for you:


Anji Gallanos said…
I think the best part is, is that after the giveaway..I have a nice long time to read the blogs off the list..check out the art and get to know the artists. I have been busy signing up for giveaways but plan on going back to the OWOH list and going to all the blogs..following some and getting to see all this fabulous talent.
JoAnnA Pierotti said…
I knew this would happen...and I think you are smiling big :)
jonaks said…
such a sweet heart.

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