Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what a Jem

Here it is Tuesday night, almost over the hump of the work week. In addition to a cup of mid-afternoon tea (Tazo Awake), the thing that gets me through my day at the office is music, and lately it has mostly been Jem...I attached this video just in case you aren't familiar with her...you can thank me later! Her latest album is "Down to Earth" and it is even better than "Finally Woken" imho.

So what gets you through your work day/week?


trish said...

thanks for the comment! It made my day that you added my link:) (I'm adding yours too-by the way, I like your blogs name!)
what gets me through the day/work is looking forward to coming home and playing in my art journal, sketching &/or reading a good book!

trish said...

p.s. thanks for entering the giveaway!

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