i've been quiet, I know...it's hard to put into words but for a while now I've felt like I was putting too much thought, time, and focus outward and not enough inward, so i've become a bit of a recluse for the past few weeks, online especially. I've been making a few pendants, doing some traveling, preparing for art & soul, reading some good books, and feeling more than a little excited about a class I'm taking from this amazing ________ ...I can't think of a word good enough to describe her. Her class starts 4/10, and i am planning to take pics of my experiments and post here....assuming I am far enough out of my shell to do so. Happy Spring!


jonaks said…
she is beautiful. I always wear the pendant you sent me. loved it so much!
Janet said…
I'm also taking Mary Ann's class. That's how I found your blog. I can't wait for Friday!
Adrienne Berry said…
Hey Chandra! We met in Lesley Riley's class in 07 at A&S. What other classes are you taking this year? I'm only going down Friday night to take Misty's class on Sat.
Judô e Poesia said…
Estou falando do Brasil e acho este blog muito lindo. Quero voltar muitas vezes aqui. Beijos. Domingos.
Heather Jerdee said…
I love this You have beautiful, meaningful, and thoughtful pendents. I personally can relate to your work :)

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