Artist Eyes

Lately I've been perceiving everything through what i've been calling my "artist's eyes". Most everything I come into contact with is sparking idea after idea, and I've never felt more creative. It's hard to explain, but I like it! Now I just need to go with it and actualy make something! I have a zillion things to do tonight to prepare for my Vegas trip, so I gotta keep it short. Today's pics are: The cover for the journal I am putting together tonight to take on my trip; my sweet little Mr Puss eating and looking through the glass door; and lastly a shot from my garden, which is a little washed out due to the way the sun was shining through the surrounding leaves. Have a FAB holiday weekend!!


Debbie Dearest said…
Mr. Puss looks adorable thru the door like that. And your garden pic would make a great painting...
Hmmmm....LOL. Love ya...have a great holiday in Vegas!!!!!!!!

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