Sunday, June 10, 2007


I finally did some spray painting! I sprayed 3 sheets of regular printer paper because I didn't want to mess up my card stock till I learned the ropes. The biggest thing I learned is how the force of the paint coming out of the can can move the stencil around. As a result I now have a partial spray paint manicure. Next time I plan to have something, like a wooden skewer maybe, to help hold stuff down and also to wear rubber gloves. I kept worrying about the camera because I would get carried away spraying and then think OMG where is the camera? Luckily I managed to keep paint off it. Two cool stencils I used were made of fabric--a piece of lace and a piece of mesh-like fabric. Here is how the lace looks:
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I stopped after 3 pieces because my table was in the sun and my shirt was getting wet from sweat, but I left everything out so when the deck is out of the sun later this afternoon I can paint some more. I am finished with the stencil I made to use on my pants, it is drying as we speak (I had to glue 2 stencil blanks together because it's so big). I may even try that this afternoon.....!!!!!

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