Too much time on my hands...

Well, while I'm at work, anyway. Business is really slow right now, so I don't have nearly enough to do during my 8 hours here (yes, I am actually posting at work, a first for me). While this may sound good at first thought, trust me, it isn't. The days drag on and on, and my frustration grows more and more intense because there are so many other things (outside of work) I want to be doing! The office is moving Saturday, so most everything is packed and/or in a total state of chaos. I am a Virgo and therefore can't take much more of it! Thank goodness I will be leaving at 3 today...although the reason I'm leaving isn't too pleasant...let's just say it's medical, and leave it at that, shall we? I hope I feel well enough after my appointment to stop by Hobby Lobby. They have a 40% off coupon this week, and I want to use one to get some matt medium to keep at work for my lunchtime art escapes. And speaking of art, I have collected a box full of "stuff" that we didn't want to move to our new office that could one day end up in some projects...everything from hardware odds n' ends to old filters that we can't sell. If it looks halfway interesting, I'm keeping it! ***Sigh*** Two more hours to go till I can get out of here....


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